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God is about to move in His Church like never before, and we stand now on the brink of probably the greatest move of God that this earth has ever experienced before.

To see what the Lord has shown us concerning this new move of God, I recommend you watch my message on this subject on YouTube, which you can find here:

The New Move of God

It is time that God’s people rise up and receive the anointing power of the Holy Spirit so that they can deal with the cloud of darkness that is attacking the Body of Christ.

I explained how we can do this in a message that summarizes some of the main principles, which you can find below on YouTube. If after watching this message, you desire to learn more about the Anointing of God and how to enter fully into this anointing, then you should seriously consider enrolling in this school, using the link above.

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Become Part of This New Move

This school was created in obedience to the Lord’s instruction to us to offer training and resources to help every believer experience the power of God and begin to function in the Supernatural.

We are offering you not only teaching, but mentorship, impartation and activation as a student of the GBM School of the Supernatural. Here you will learn how the anointing of God works and how you can enter into a greater experience of God’s power in your life.

Enroll in the School of the Supernatural

Access To GBM Books

As a student and partner of Global Business Ministries, you will get free access to every book written by Apostles Les and Daphne Crause on the new GBM Book website at

Ministry Via WhatsApp

You will not only receive cutting edge teachings, but also personal ministry via a special WhatsApp group, where you can fellowship and receive personal ministry along other students.

Students are required to have downloaded and install WhatsApp on their mobile phones. This app is free and can be linked to an app on a laptop computer to allow you to communicate using the keyboard of the computer instead of the limited screen keyboard on your phone.

Cutting Edge Teachings via Video, Audio and Text

All lessons are available in the form of Video teachings which the student can either watch online or download to watch at their ease.

For those who prefer audio or reading printed text, each lecture will also be available as an MP3 audio download or .pdf ebook which can all be downloaded to your laptop, or to your mobile device if it allows downloads

Enroll in the School of the Supernatural

Practical Projects And Personal Marking

Each lecture will contain a practical project for the student to carry out to enable them to apply the principles taught in that lecture. These projects will not need to be forwarded for marking but are purely to help the student experience what is being taught.

At the end of each study module, the student will be given a final project covering the whole module, which they must submit for marking. The purpose of this project is not to test the student on the materials, but to help us understand what effect the lectures have had on the student.

With this knowledge we can better assist each student personally on their journey into the supernatural and the power of God.

Enroll in the School of the Supernatural

Video Chat On Zoom

Those who have the internet speed and data will be offered the opportunity periodically to join us for a live ministry chat via Zoom. This will enable us to get to know the students better and also minister more personally by the Spirit as the Lord leads.

If You Hunger And Thirst For More of Him

We are looking for those who hearts are yearning for more of the Lord Jesus and His mighty power in their lives.

1. If you long to experience His power in your life, and are ready and willing to take that power out into this dark world.

2. If you are ready to extend God’s Kingdom into the earth and displace the Realm of Darkness.

3. If you want to see signs and wonders and miracles and lives transformed by the power of God.

4. If you are prepared to do what it takes to be an instrument of blessing in the hands of the Lord.

Enroll in the School of the Supernatural

Then we would like to welcome you to the GBM School of the Supernatural