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A Detailed Breakdown Of What We Believe And Teach

Two Main Study Programs

This set of schools is part of two main study programs which each have a different goal in mind. Our main ministry training program for those called to the Fivefold Ministry can be found in our online training academy, known as GBM Academy.

Evangelist in a Box

GBM Academy

To study in the academy you will be required to commit to a monthly payment as a partner of GBM International. This then gives you access to any or all of our Fivefold Ministry Training Schools. Once we have received your first payment, you are free to enroll in any of the schools of your choice and proceed with your studies.

As a full student partner you will then also be entitled to enroll in any of the schools in this second program, known as GBM Schools. These courses are more practical and are not directly related to doing the work of the ministry. However they will enable you to live an abundant life as a believer and excel in everything that you do.

Gbm Schools

If you only wish to do courses in the GBM Schools without engaging in ministry training, you may purchase specific courses in GBM Schools and you will then be given full access to the courses you have purchased.

You may view all the courses in the schools listed below and then purchase those courses you wish to take. Select a school and then on the school website, view the curriculum for that school. You will see a full list of the courses covered in that school and you may then also view further details on each course.

Study Process

Although the Fivefold Schools of GBM Academy require you to submit regular projects and a thesis at the end of each course, this does not apply to the courses in GBM Schools. Here you will simply be given the lessons with some practical suggestions on how to use the knowledge you have gained.

We also offer weekly group chats for these schools in both video and text format, using Skype video chat and WhatsApp text chats. Here students can receive personal ministry and guidance and also interact with each other in the form of fellowship.


On completion of any course in GBM Ministry Schools, you will be issued a certificate for that course which will be sent to you electronically for you to print out.

Courses Available In GBM Ministry Schools

These courses are 100% practical and may be studied by any believer who desires to live a life of victory and blessing. They have no ministry emphasis and do not require that the student has a ministry calling.

School of Success

This school presents comprehensive teaching on every aspect of living a life of success and abundance.

School of the Supernatural

You can find the website for this school at the following web address:

School of Blessing

We Have Everything You Need

No matter what level of spiritual maturity you are at the moment, we have something that will help you to find your place in the Body of Christ.

Our courses begin at the lowest levels and are presented simply enough to be understood by those who are still young in their ministry experience. Yet they are profound enough to instruct those who have been on the way for quite a while.

If you have a passion to serve the Lord and to be used by Him, then we have everything you need to rise up and take your place and fulfill the calling that He has placed upon your life.

Pray about enrolling now as a partner of GBM Academy, and feel free to try out all of our schools. You are bound to find exactly what you are looking for.