School Costs

Enrollment and Student Fees

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Apostle Les D. Crause is setting in place three new schools which will all operate under his umbrella, and separately from the Fivefold Schools that have been in place for some time.

Apostle Les has handed the Fivefold Schools over to Apostle Nadine Stohler who now oversees the training in those schools. Anyone wishing to pursue studies in those schools must apply separately and comply with the conditions laid out for those schools.

Should you choose to go that route, then you will not be permitted entry to the School of the Supernatural at the same time as being mentored in a Fivefold School.

Find out more about the Fivefold Schools here:

The New GBM Schools

The GBM School of the Supernatural

The GBM School of Business

The GBM School of the Arts

In order to gain access to the training offered in these schools, students are required to commit to become contributing partners of GBMI and they may choose a monthly contribution according to the levels laid out for partners.

Husbands and wives do not need to both apply for partnership in order to qualify as students. Just one partnership for the family will be fine. Give according to what you can afford.

You can find out more about becoming a partner at

Prospective students should apply for registration in this school and then on being accepted as a student, will need to process a partner subscription before they are given access to the school.

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Monthly Lecture Access

On commencement of the course students will have access to the first 5 lectures in the school.

After that, each month they will be given access to an additional 5 lectures, until they have access to all lectures in the school. The total study time at present should be about 11 months for the entire curriculum.

Students may cancel their partner subscription at any time, and they will then continue to have access only to the lectures they paid for.

Existing Partners

Current partners of GBMI are free to enroll in this school. But you will first need to enroll as a student to create a student record. Once we have processed your application you will get full access to the school lectures.

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